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Reason for expensive Sudan 苏丹草的涨价理由

2021.08.31 /

In Ellensbug, the Sudan harvest have finished wrapped up in end of this month. Most of the quality is Premium grade, the prices raised around $30-40/ST higher than last year. First reason for this pricing is the quality as I mentioned. Secondly, the reason is that acreage of Sudan grass is declined year after year. It seems like hard to make profit by Sudan, farmers chose to shit the crop to GMO Alfalfa. 在欸伦斯堡,苏丹草割刈和捆绑要结束了。大部分的苏丹草是Premium品级,价格上升了大概$30-40/ST左右。 这涨价理由是品质和种地面积。 首先,今年大部分苏丹草是Premium品级,所以低品级的苏丹草减少导致了价格上升。 第二,苏丹草的种地面积年年减少。有些农场开始种转基因苜蓿代替苏丹草。
  • Reason for expensive Sudan 苏丹草的涨价理由


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