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2022 crop update 2022年作物情况

In PNW, the weather is relatively cold compare to last year. Therefore, the harvest period would be late for a week, however, the Alfalfa grows smoothly in Columbia Basin. A month later, 1st cut Alfalfa in the place soon starts harvesting, please wait for the update. Price for the hay is increasing following the US economy inflation, it both affect the cost price and market price to increase. 在美国北部,气温比较风凉。因此,比通常时,收割时期可能会晚一周,但是,美国北部苜蓿的生长很舒畅。 不到一个月,哥伦比亚盆地的第一苜蓿要开始割刈,请期待以后更新。 每种牧草价格持续上升,这是需要和成本的上升因此。
  • 2022 crop update 2022年作物情况

  • 2022 crop update 2022年作物情况